Solving An Issue

Solving An Issue

My friend has been telling me that he thinks he snores. I know that he does because I have spent the night at his place before and I can hear him snoring, but I never really wanted to say anything because I didn’t want to bring it up. It’s not like he’s really loud or anything, it’s just that I can hear him. He actually asked me if I thought he snored and I kind of waited a second and then said yes. He was like “I do not!” and I was like “actually… I’ve heard you snoring when I’ve spent the night over at your house.”

He was like “yeah, I know.” I’m not sure how he actually knew but anyway he said that he was thinking about getting one of those devices that can help you stop snoring. I don’t know if those actually work or not but he sent me some information about them and asked what I thought. I haven’t really done much looking at it to be honest but if I was going to tell him something I would say that he should probably see if any of those things will help him stop.

He sent me a link to a site that talks about some of the different items that are supposed to help. You can read about mouth pieces and pillows and that kind of stuff. He said I should do some searching if I want and see if I can find anything. I told him to read more here if he was interested but I’m not too familiar with it. He’s going to read some.

So anyway, I think he is trying to get that taken care of because he doesn’t want to keep his friends or anything up if he’s snoring. I also think that he is planning to have a big party and a bunch of people are going to sleep at his house and I’m thinking that he doesn’t want to have them find out that he snores when he is in bed at night. I also think that he is going to see if he can get some of the people to use the guest room if they stay over so that he won’t have anyone in his room with him. He’s kind of like that and I don’t mind, I’ve even slept on his couch before. It’s not like I’m going to demand a bed if someone else is being nice and letting me sleep at their place, anyway. We usually just sleep on the floor or whatever so it’s not really something that bothers me. I just need a pillow and a blanket. His couch is also pretty long so I can use that.

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