Pulling It Together

I need to get my life together and it starts with my finances or lack thereof. My main problem is a couple credit cards that have high interest rates. I can make the payments on them but they are the minimum payments and barely anything goes towards the principal. I looked at one of them the other day and it said the way I’m going now it would take 17 years to pay off! That is ridiculous and depressing. I was also looking at my credit report and that isn’t much better. I have a couple late payments on there and supposedly they take 7 years to come off. That means of course I can’t get a better interest rate on a new card so I’m more or less stuck.

The one thing I can do now is try to find a better job. I am working at my brother’s shop now but he doesn’t pay me much and overtime is not an option. I have been working there for almost a year and I will admit it is laziness that has made me not pursue another job. I also really like working there but I know I need to do better. I was sort of hoping he would expand by now and open up another shop and put me in charge of it but that hasn’t happened. Knowing my luck I’ll go work somewhere else and in a month he’ll open another place up and have somebody else run it for him.

The other thing I need to focus on is getting out of my current apartment. My lease is up in three months and I definitely don’t want to renew it. It isn’t in the best part of town for starters. I’m also paying more than I should as my place has a second bedroom that I don’t use. I had grand plans of making it my office but that of course never happened. I’m just not looking forward to moving. It is such a pain boxing everything up and then unboxing it at the new place. I wish I could afford to hire movers to do everything for me but those companies cost way too much. I know because I looked into it the last time I moved and was blown away with how much it cost. I’ll just rent a van and do it the old fashioned and cheap way.