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Running Discussions

During my run the other day I was talking to someone about some of the strangest style accessories we’ve seen. About that, I talk to people when I run. It tends to be entertaining and you can learn a lot

My Friend

The guy who lives next door to me is really interested in having a garden and keeping it available. He was telling me about all the styles of plants and stuff he has in there and while I haven’t heard

Studying Karate

Martial arts have been something I want to learn, and I think that I am going to start training. I have gotten some good information recently about Tae Kwon Do and it seems like something I would enjoy. There are

Getting A New Car Soon

I have been talking to one of my friends who said that he is thinking about getting a new car. I’m not sure why because I think his current car is just fine, but he said he is looking for

Being Cool Online

It seems like some people are really into Facebook and the whole social thing. Even companies are getting into it which I think is pretty weird. I mean, Facebook is a place for posting things on each other’s walls and

Solving An Issue

My friend has been telling me that he thinks he snores. I know that he does because I have spent the night at his place before and I can hear him snoring, but I never really wanted to say anything

Crazy Ideas

When I am not running, or even while I am running, I will think about some of the different things I would like to try. One of those things is hang gliding. Seriously, how incredibly thrilling does that seem? It’s

Jogging Rules

Do you think that I should start jogging again? I used to run all the time but recently I haven’t been going because there have been some other things I’ve been busy with and I’m starting to feel like I’m

I Watch A Lot Of House Hunting Shows

I like to look at homes that are for sale and for rent even when I have no intention of moving. I watch a lot of HGTV and even though I don’t know much about decorating or anything I still

Relationship Drama

My girlfriend has been acting differently recently.  She seems to be getting super annoyed at just about everything which is pretty unlike her.  At first I didn’t mind and I figured she was just having a bad day or whatever,