My Friend

The guy who lives next door to me is really interested in having a garden and keeping it available. He was telling me about all the styles of plants and stuff he has in there and while I haven’t heard of most of them it’s the kind of thing where I think I will probably get more into it as I proceed. The thing is, I always thought it would be cool to grow your own flowers and stuff because you could use some of them in your recipes. When I am making something and it calls for whatever it makes me think that someone had to have that, so I might be able to get it if I grew it myself.

But the thing I really like about his garden is the way it is sectioned. He’s got diverse plants on the side and then other things in the middle. The side of his grounds has a selection of aluminium garden furniture that I think is really quite the excellent touch. It’s like you go there and it is just the style of place that you would want to go over and see, even if you aren’t really into that kind of thing.

So he was telling me about the plants and stuff he grows and I was trying to keep everything sorted out but I am really going to have to learn about it on my own if I decide it is something that I want to do. I’m sure there are some things I will have to get and make sure that I know what I think I am planning, but the main thing is just like I said that I want to be able to grow my own flavorings. Then when I am making something I’ll be able to use those and it will just be like a sweet little thing that I can do.

So really I have been trying to learn about how I am going to do this and what kinds of implements if any you need to have a garden. Since I have never done this kind of thing before it is really something that I have been trying to figure out and my friend is giving me a lot of suggestions. I’m sure that I will get it. I’m sure that I will have a big assortment of flowers and stuff which is the purpose.