About To Move

I just ordered some wire shelves in preparation of my move next month.  I am moving closer to my job which will be nice but I’m going to miss living in the city. That is right you heard it right; this city snob is moving to the suburbs. From my perspective right now there is only one good thing about this and that is I won’t have to sit in traffic for over an hour each way going to and from work. I just can’t do it anymore as some days like yesterday it took me over 2 hours to get home. I also know that later this year they are starting major construction on the main road I take now and that is going to cause even more headaches. I just can’t do it anymore.  Oh, I ordered them from http://www.wire-shelves.com.  Did I mention that I’m moving to the burbs yet?

I also can’t say I will miss the parking situation. Right now where I live it is pretty much park wherever you can find a spot and on some days that can be tough. I long ago quit driving places at night because trying to find a spot later on in the evening is next to impossible. I remember the last time I tried was last year and it literally took me 45 minutes to find a spot. To make matters worse I had to park almost a mile from my apartment. The place I’m moving into now I won’t have to worry about any of that because I actually have my own garage spot. It wasn’t much more to get one (still cheaper overall than what I’m paying now) so I did it. It will be especially nice in the winter months. I won’t have to spend 10 minutes scraping ice off my windows. That alone is worth the price.

Anyways like I mentioned in my first sentence I ordered some things that I can use in my new place. I have to be out of here in 3 weeks and I have a bunch of stuff that I want to put in storage. That’s another thing my new place has. I get my very own storage unit. It isn’t a big unit but it will more than hold what I plan on putting in there. I told my Dad about it and he seemed more excited about me having that than anything else. My Dad is weird though so nothing really surprises me with him.