Month: March 2013

  • Exploring My Options

    Exploring My Options

    As I’m getting older, I’m finding myself with a bit more money in the savings account and a willingness to take a few more risks to make that money work for me. When I was younger, living what seemed like a life destined to remain paycheck-to-paycheck forever, investing was never an option. Now that I […]

  • Wise Words From Mr. Franklin

    Wise Words From Mr. Franklin

    Expanding on one of the topics I mentioned in my New Years post, I’ve recently been looking for more ways to save money.  Many people focus on trying to make more money (usually so they can buy more things), and while I am definitely interested in that, I am currently more focused on saving more […]

  • Pulling It Together

    Pulling It Together

    I need to get my life together and it starts with my finances or lack thereof. My main problem is a couple credit cards that have high interest rates. I can make the payments on them but they are the minimum payments and barely anything goes towards the principal. I looked at one of them […]